Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just absolutely love! They have a thread on the Forum called "I Challenge You..." Nicole had such a great idea to offer this year-long challenge. Each month, members of the Design Team post 7 challenges. You get points for each challenge that you complete. Even though I cam coming in at the end of the year, I can still participate with the current months challenges plus get more points for completing past months challenges! This has been such a motivation for me to create pages! Here are some of the pages & projects that I have completed in answer to these great challenges.

This layout is going to be in celebration of our upcoming (September 25) wedding anniversary!

This has got to be my most favorite layout EVER!! Everything just came together so beautifully. I actually almost cried as it came to me!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 New Pages

Here's my 3 newest pages. I'm still trying to achieve my goal for 2008-to get on a Design Team or be published. I've found a new message board that I have joined. I love everyone there & have a great time visiting with everyone! Love ya Scrapbooker's Club House!! I tried to get on their design team for August-November. I didn't make it but that was ok. They also have a Guest Design team member that they choose each month. Here is my entry for September. The theme was reading. I took these pictures in hopes that sometime I could make a cute layout. Now ws the perfect time!

I'm also entering a sketch contest on their blog. Here's my entry for that.

Then, they also have a challenge contest that has been running all year long. Each of the 7 Design Team members posts a challenge each month. Then, those that complete the most challenges for the year get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to their store! So, in order to get some pages & projects done, I am answering as many challenges that I can through the end of the year. It would be awesome if I could do them all!!! Here's my answer to one of the challenges. It was Vertical Journaling & Journal in Another color.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Latest Project Photos

I've really been working hard these last couple of weeks. I created the cutest little Sunflower Board Book using Cricut _Expression & Cricut Design Studio. It turned out just as I imagined it would! I have submitted it to Cricut for consideration in their weekly newsletter. If I get choosen, I get a free cartridge! Here's pics:

Also, I've made some really cute round cards. Yes, I said round. Of course, they don't stand on their own very well but they are still fun!

I also did some Door Hangers that a teacher could hang on her door to welcome her class & some cute little gift tags. Four of the tags are designed for Teacher Gifts. The other 2 for a Boy Birthday.

I started using the Cricut Cartridge Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More for the Door Hangers. Then, I started using it to make cute little Gift Bags for small gifts (these are specifically Teacher Gifts). They sure are adorable!

If you are wondering why all the Teacher Gift themed items, I am participating in a Bazaar for Hannah's Preschool that will be held on Meet The Teacher Night. I wanted to make a lot of little projects that I could sell for just a few dollars. I am really excited about doing this Bazaar. I did it last year for their Holiday one & got a ton of scrapbook clients off of it! So, I wanted to do this one with small little "gifty" things that people could actually take home with them that night.