Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My First Challenge

I am a subscriber to Creating Keepsakes magazine. It's such a great resource! Usually, I read my issue, tear out the pages that I like the ideas or the articles, & then pass them onto my friend, Tami. Well, sorry Tami, you won't get the September issue!! ;o) There were too many great ideas!! You'd only get the front & back cover & maybe a few ads. hee-hee

Anyway, this issue was just jam packed with ideas & things I can use as challenges. In the article "Ultra-Creative Lettering" by Lisa Ivey, Lisa encourages readers to get creative with lettering! Her first "assignment" is this: "Add Your Own Touches. With creative lettering, your writing doesn't have to be perfect! At least that's how Sherelle Christiansen feels about her fun and whimsical style. She takes a 'go with the flow, mix it up' approach, using both cursive and print and randomly mixing uppercase and lowercase letters [in her journaling]. Sherelle took her lettering up a notch by bolding and enlarging certain key words. She then used pink and green colored pencils to accentuate them."

My first challenge is this: do some creative lettering in your journaling on a page this week. Next week, I will post my result. Feel free to comment to this post how yours turned out!!

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